PreSchool Chinese Tuition/Lessons in Singapore 


We aim to create a fun environment for preschool Chinese Tuition/Lessons. We hope that by bringing out their interest in Chinese, preschool kids can learn Chinese actively instead of passively in future. Learning is always more effective when it is an active instead of a passive process.

Preschool Chinese Lesson


– Chinese Character recognizing and writing

We will teach through stories, songs, and interesting poems, to stimulate students’ interest and curiosity in Chinese, and link Chinese to our daily life.

– Basic sentence structure and oral communication

– Learn to construct a sentence and describe a thing or event using different words including idioms

– Learn Han Yu Pin Yin through songs that rhyme to facilitate memorizing

1.5 Hour or Three Hour Course

为幼儿提供完整的华语教学环境,打破了以往”为语言而学习语言”的方式,而是通过语言、科学、数学、艺术和社会等领域的学习,把各个领域相互  融合,通过室内室外的各种活动,使幼儿在完全华语的环境下,以华语的思维方式,快乐地学会自然与社会常识,以及动手劳作技能和集体活动的能力。帮助幼儿认识她们周围的世界,开启幼儿的智慧与心灵。

Provide Children with Chinese learning environment, breaking the previous ‘learn language for language’ approach. Provide the combination of language, science, math, art, and society into outdoor activities. Aim at cultivating children on the way of thinking science, handcraft and teamwork in a Chinese way. Help Children to know their world as to motivate their wisdom and soul.


Course for N2-K2 ( 2-6 years old )


Course detail:


Principle: Learn for children, teach children to learn Chinese and world knowledge through perception way


健康  语言  科学 社会  美工  音乐

Health, Language, Science, Social, Handicraft, and Music

Through stories, nursery rhymes, songs, role play to improve language ability.


Through cards, jingles, limbs imitate to learn Chinese pinyin and characters.


Through games and sports to learn math.


Through experiments to learn science.


Through painting, handcraft, clay sculpture, cooking to motivate children interest on Chinese learning.

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